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    My customer has a sign face that they want the graphics changed on. It is painted lexan or something like that. I want to paint the other side white and put vinyl over the paint. What kind of paint or primer should be used? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Is it a backlit face?
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    For Plexi type sign faces, we always use
    either "Grip Flex" and/or "Lacryl" paints !!
    They're made for this type of application !!
    These are of a transparent nature but if
    you're blocking out your field with no
    backlight,, just go with an automotive
    (2-stage) finish !!! Just scuff n spray,,
    no primer would be that neccessary !!!
    Course,, everybody has their own way
    of doin stuff, so there are more ways
    out there !!! Good Luck whichever !!!


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